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To request one or more new MI Online User IDs please use the online form below. If you have any questions or need assistance with requesting new MI Online User IDs, please contact Radian Customer Care either by using the "Live Help" button or by calling 877.Radian1 (723-4261).

Please click here for further information on updating or deactivating existing users.

Radian Contract Underwriters should contact their Contract Services Manager for more information on requesting access to MI Online.

Requests submitted without the Master Policy Number may take longer than the standard 2-hour response time.

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Customer hereby authorizes the individuals listed below ("Authorized Individuals") to access and use MI Online on behalf of Customer and requests that Radian Guaranty Inc. ("Radian") issue to each Authorized Individual an ID and individual password for access to MI Online. All authorization requests are subject to approval by Radian.

Radian will create an ID and password for each person listed. For each new user requested, First Name, Last Name, Department, Phone, and Email are required. The ID will have specific access permissions defined. All user accounts will be given the Inquiry function. To request additional permissions, please check the associated function in the MI Online Functions column.

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Rate Quote
Order Services
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Servicing Transfer

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This feature provides quotes that are specific to your Master Policy number(s).If you are a delegated lender, the data that is entered in the Rate Quote screen can be transferred to the Order Services page at the time your rate quote is returned.

This function allows lenders with delegated authority to obtain mortgage insurance through MI Online. Lenders who wish to use Radian for mortgage insurance underwriting can submit an application, including loan documents, through MI Online.

This feature allows you to activate insurance Commitments with a Payment Type of deferred by providing a loan closing date and first payment date.

This feature allows you to submit a request for cancellation of a certificate and indicate check payment and distribution.

This feature allows you to change or update the Lender Loan Number on a record for up to 50 Certificates at a time.

This feature allows a user to submit a single claim and view the status of a claim, view an explanation of benefits (EOB), view the status of requested documents, view original and revised claim information, and view claim status reports (one day lag).

This feature allows you to notify Radian of the servicing transfer of Certificate from one servicer to another. When conducting the transfer, you indicate whether your company is the Buyer or Seller. Only Certificates that have a status of In Force or Cancelled can be transferred.