Request User Permission Updates or Deactivations

To update the permissions associated with one or more users, please email Radian Customer Care with the following information:

User ID (or Full Name), Master Policy Number and/or Lender Name and address, User's Email address and the permissions needed.

The possible MI Online permissions include:

  • Rate Quote - This feature provides quotes that are specific to your Master Policy numbers(s). If you are a delegated lender, the data that is entered in the Rate Quote screen can be transferred to the Order Services page at the time your rate quote is returned.
  • Order Services - This feature is a speedy and simplified approach to obtain MI commitments for lenders who want to use their delegated underwriting authority or those who wish to submit to Radian for underwriting. By ordering through MI Online, you assert control over the MI submission process for your organization. This feature allows you to upload much of the application data by importing a DU 3.2 file or manually entering the data on the application page. Users can upload their documents directly to Radian Underwriting using MI Online and avoid email limitations. From the results page, you will find a printout of all decision documents including the MI Commitment.
  • Activate Deferred - This feature allows you to activate insurance Commitments with a Payment Type of deferred by providing a loan closing date and first payment date.
  • Cancel/Refund - This feature allows you to submit a request for cancellation of a certificate and indicate check payment and distribution.
  • Loan Number Change - This feature allows you to change or update the Lender Loan Number on a record for up to 50 Certificates at a time.
  • Submit Claims - This feature allows a user to submit a single claim and view the status of a claim, view an explanation of benefits (EOB), view the status of requested documents, view original and revised claim information, and view claim status reports (one day lag).
  • Servicing Transfer - This feature allows you to notify Radian of the servicing transfer of Certificate from one servicer to another. When conducting the transfer, you indicate whether your company is the Buyer or Seller. Only Certificates that have a status of In Force or Cancelled can be transferred.

To Deactivate Users, please include in your email the User ID (or Full Name), Master Policy Number and/or Lender Name and address, and User's Email address.